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In today’s time, whether you have your own startup and you are managing many roles single-handedly or you are holding an important managerial position in accounts in an organization, you end up wasting a lot of time in doing the grunt work.

This work is not your expertise and does not require your niche knowledge. In such cases, it can be a relief if you had an assistant who could manage these accounting tasks for you.

However, it is important that such work be assigned to a reliable person who has the know-how of statutory demands as well as accounting principles. 

Hiring such an individual could be unaffordable at an early stage of your business or your managerial salary does not allow you to have individuals with expert accounting knowledge.

This is where IT’S BOOKKEEPING comes into the picture!! 

We have individuals who have been trained under qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants who can manage these accounting tasks for you. 

We will assign you an individual who will carefully cater to your accounting needs. 

These individuals have a senior Chartered Accountant above them. The accountant assigned to you will be able to raise complex issues for this CA. This is how we will be able to not only take care of your basic accounting needs but also help solve complex accounting treatments. 

Disclaimer: We do promote local employment and we are not in favor of replacing your existing accounting or an individual who has the potential to serve all your needs. 

We come to your rescue when your needs won’t be catered by the local accountant at your budgeted price. 


1. Save your precious time :

Let us take care of the tasks which we are professional at and allow yourself the free time to think bigger for your business. 

2. Economical :

We understand your passion to start your own venture but not having sufficient funds to do so or to have time for critical and analytical thinking rather than accounting at key positions. We will fit your budget! 

3. Confidentiality :

With us, your data is in safe hands. You need not worry about your sensitive information as confidentiality is our priority! 

4. Free your resources :

Trustworthy individuals already hired in the organization can have more suitable & higher trust demanding roles. You can make use of these resources by removing the burden of bookkeeping for them and putting them at much more useful tasks. 

4. Accuracy & Effectiveness :

As we have real individuals assigned for you along with robust systems in place, we are in a position to be effective and accurate with this combination of resources that we use. 

5. Financial Statements : 

With accurate transactions recorded you will be in a position to rely on the Financial Statements produced from the same for decision making. 


1. Accounting transactions in Software :

We will enter the accounting transactions in your existing software at regularity decided by you. We can also help you choose the right accounting software if you are yet to select one. 

2. Reconciliations :

You already have a basic accountant in place and you need reconciliations services in case of mismatches in statements. We are there to your rescue! Right from Bank statements, Credit Card Statements, Investment Portfolios, and many such reconciliations can be taken care of by our experienced individuals. 

3. Registers :

There are many such registers which your business should be maintained for proper record keeping like a fixed asset register, cash register, purchase register, sales register, etc. We can help you set these up or help you maintain your existing ones. 

4. Other Services :

We are not restricted to the above-mentioned services. We can provide other tailored services depending upon your organization’s needs. We understand that we have a very dynamic world where needs cannot be just basic! 

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