Find Out More About Excellence Accounting Services from These FAQs

We exist to help individuals, SMEs, and organizations benefit from affordable outsourcing of their financial and accounting needs.

With a virtual bookkeeper, you are assured of getting the latest standards in bookkeeping. You can access the services at any time. It is a 24/7 service. As experts, you get the services that are of quality at a much affordable price

No, we will do that for you and ensure that every entry is in check, and the records are straight.

We have a large team of experts in a different field that will handle your books and update them when the need arises. We will also update you every time we make changes, and you are able you track everything.

No, the owner of the business is still in control and can track all the transactions and changes that we make to the financial books.

A bookkeeper records the day -to day operations and make daily entries in the business. An accountant compiles all the records and all books and reconciles all statements. 

What we do is we give you all that instead of hiring more than one person to do the work that we do for you, thus saving you money.

We offer all your accounting services. Accounting receivables, accounting payables, payrolls, reconciliation services, tax preparations, and filing.

We work with Sage, QuickBooks, Fresh Books, Tally, Zoho, and other standard software. Our team is also conversant with other industry-accepted software.

We handle all types of businesses, from single to multi-national companies and different industries.

Yes. At Accounts Confidant, we invest in the latest technology and continuously update our security details to ensure that your financial data is safe and secure. It is strictly confidential, and only authorized persons can have access to it.

We don’t advise clients to do this as financial records need to be updated from time to time. Detect errors and solve them as soon before they can harm any other documents, plus also to save time. Stacking up receipts to go through them at the end of the year is highly not advisable.

Yes, and you can retrieve all your financial data at any time in a secure manner.

Our experts in the field will advise accordingly on what plan fits you and what your business needs to get better or produce more.

Yes, and you can retrieve all your financial data at any time in a secure manner.

Yes. We will help you with the whole process from setting up to the processing and updating it every time changes are made.

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