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Financial Reporting is an exercise that needs a great deal of care, understanding of the principles & standards of the framework that applies to your organization

This activity is at the core of our organization and we just love doing this.

We are best at this & happy to take care of this because we believe we can make a huge deal of difference with correct reporting. 

Many times we have found organizations into a great deal of negative net worth only because they were not applying the standards correctly. We have helped them make their balance sheets and profit & loss statements more favorable, not my manipulation but by bringing into light correct treatments they were unaware of.


1. Profit & Loss Statement :

It is important that you have an accurate picture of the performance of your organization. These movements that have taken place in your assets & liabilities if accurately recorded will give the proper statement for decision making & record purposes. 

2. Balance Sheet :

It is also important that the statement of financial position or balance sheet is accounted for properly in order to show the correct net worth. This has a huge impact on your potential for borrowings. 

3. Notes to financial statements :

Many times you are not aware but there are many declarations that need to be done to the users of financial statements depending upon the framework of your organization. We help you identify those disclosures & present them accurately. 

4. Statement of Cashflows :

It is not just the profit & loss statement and balance sheet that needs to be made for the analytical decision but it is also the cash flows that are needed to understand whether your core business is able to generate cash profits or your business is over-trading. 

5. Statement of Changes in Equity :

Along with the above statements, there are other requirements by the International frameworks, i.e. Statement of changes in equity. This is going to show the movement in equity line items from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. 


1. Cost Saving :

You will end up spending a bomb if you need this service in-house. With us, you can avail of this expert service without any premium costs. 

2. Accurate Reporting :

With a CFO in place, you can be at a relief that your reporting is happening more accurately & incorporates correct accounting standards.   

3. Proper Controls :

You can also be relieved that controls are in check with a senior person. Loop holes could be identified by him and taken care of. 

4. Confidentiality :

With us, your data is in safe hands. You need not worry about your sensitive information as confidentiality is our priority! 

5. Accuracy & Effectiveness :

As we have real individuals assigned for you along with robust systems in place, we are in a position to be effective and accurate with this combination of resources that we utilize for the projects.

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