What are the Fees?

We offer a fixed monthly fee. Let's discuss your individual business requirements to determine the optimal way to serve you.


What bookkeeping services do you offer?

I specialize in QuickBooks, and I'm a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. I work remotely and I'm here to simplify your bookkeeping. I use cloud-based software for easy and secure document uploads and transfers, ensuring a streamlined process.

How does monthly bookkeeping work?

We analyze and record all of your business transactions through QuickBooks to compile monthly financial statements such as P&L and Balance Sheet


What if I need more frequent scheduling than once per month?

We're here to offer top-notch service, tailored to you. We're flexible and can definitely arrange more frequent scheduling to suit your business needs. We can even set up weekly cash meetings to help you manage your cash flow better.


 How and when should I send my documents to you?

We require your bank statements on a monthly basis. We can set up automatic sync between your bank statements and QuickBooks, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we manage your bookkeeping. Alternatively, you can send us your documents at your convenience. We utilize secure cloud-based software and email for document delivery.


When do you deliver my monthly financial reports?

We will have your financial reports delivered by the 10th of every month so that you can better plan for your business.

What if my records are overdue or in need of cleaning up?

Don't worry about that. We're here to assist in tidying up any messy transactions or inaccurate records from your past. We'll have a detailed discussion to address the specifics of your situation.