Zoho Books is the cloud accounting platform for growing businesses today.

It streamlines business transactions, tracks income and expenses, automates business processes, connects with systems like CRM, Inventory, Subscription tools and is available on all mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Windows.

It has one of the most prolific product development teams in the industry.  They are constantly improving their products, as well as introducing new applications.  The depth of solutions in the Zoho One bundles is testimony to the resources that it invests in product development.  So is the industry’s lowest churn rate of ~3%.  Once firms go on Zoho, they don’t leave it.

Benefits of Zoho Accounting Software:

The best CRM for customization.

Integrate all the elements of customer/prospect interaction.

Workflow Tools that address: marketing, projects, social, customer service, emailing marketing, inventory, human resources management, etc.

Track interaction from webinars.

Other modules to address company needs.

Syncs with other it products, as well as many external systems, for a connected workflow.

Available API for creating custom application integrations.

It responds to feedback. Sound recommendations make their way into Zoho products.

Fantastic connectivity to other apps and the G-suite.

Can be customized to fit almost every industry/model very well.

The ability to customize it and add modules or integration means it can last for a business so they don’t have to start over with other technology.

Scalable to a higher version, more users and additional applications.

The mobile client is amazing – you can do nearly everything from your phone.

Amazing workflow tools.

Functionality for Mail merges and email templates.

Extremely customizable

Available programming interface (Creator) lets a company can develop powerful customization and automation.

Separate, rank and analyze lead

See all your leads and opportunities by stage and status.

Put your whole team in it.

Manage all the aspects of sales campaigns from activities, communications to revenue.